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New Game In Town


By Ron Allen


With the impending announcement next week of the new Triple Crown of Polo things just got more interesting in the high stakes of high goal polo. Discontented patrons have made a decision of abandon the much-criticized USPA and form their own 26 goal tournaments for next year. The majority of the world’s best players will be featured in the new TCP.


The Triple Crown will start with the All-Star League followed by the Founders Cup and finish up with the Palm Beach Open. The schedule will be played at the same time as the original Triple Crown, which has been lowered to 22 goals by the USPA. The plan calls for better TV coverage, more sponsors and plenty of teams to participate.


Valiente Polo When Games Will Be Played


USPA Chairman Chip Campbell told me he’s concerned about TCP using the term Triple Crown, “There are some present legalities associated with that so I won't comment on that until it is resolved.” It’s important to note that horse racing since 1919 has used the term Triple Crown.


Melissa Ganzi is one of the patrons spearheading the TCP. Campbell indicated her role as a Governor may be at risk, Ethics and morals are the real test and each person has to manage that themselves when it comes to positions of power in an organization.”