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The Tortugas Battleground

By Ron Allen

In what can only be described as ‘awkward situation’ the finalists are now set for this weekends title game for the Tortugas Open. Spring rains became a factor as things started to unravel last week on where the two semi-final games were to be played. The grounds were too wet at Tortugas so the games were moved to Palermo in what can only be described at a fight between the old guard polo establishment against the new leadership of the polo association.

After much confusion both games were played on Saturday and the decision was made that the results would stand with the winners advancing to this Saturdays finals. To no ones surprise it will be Ellerstina (39) against the defending champion La Dolfina (40). No matter who wins on Saturday it appears that the new AAP has won the showdown and both Tortugas and Hurlingham have been put on notice. Follow the new vision and get out of the way of progress for the sake of polo’s future.

polo 1000x631.770833333 tortugas 1 polomagazine.jpg

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