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USPA Power Play




The United States Polo Association has become the target of criticism again. This time the power brokers of American polo are being accused of drafting an amendment to their constitution that would give the Executive Committee full authority to kick decenters to the curb without reprisal.


Just days before their annual meeting in Houston, we have obtained a copy of a memo which claims that the proposed changes would allow the board to remove any Governor from office for what ever reason they deem necessary. USPA Chairman Chuck Weaver contends the complaints are not valid “since all decisions are not binding because the Governors can overrule any change with a majority vote.”




One club delegate referred to the Executive Committee as “a small group of self-appointed disciplinarians”. Detractors charge that once the amendment is approved the Executive Committee would have the ultimate power over all twenty-nine volunteers within the American polo association. This latest controversy comes on the heels of the recent Governor At Large election were several, new, independent candidates were voted into office without an endorsement from the USPA.